This post was originally written in May 2017, never got published until now.

There should be a time dedicated to regrouping and readjusting one's focus in life. A huge chunk of this world's population would love to find happiness, meaning, or even passion, and sometimes we don't give ourselves a chance to evaluate and re-evaluate our life. We tend to just brush off the question, "What makes you happy," with answers as vague as "success," or something to that effect. Instead of taking the time to think either (1) what will truly make us happy, or (2) why we're not yet happy even if we've done what we thought we should in order to attain happiness, some of us may hide behind the I-haven't-achieved-this-nor-that reasoning. 

We hide behind the false definition of happiness as being relevant to what we have achieved, what bragging rights we now have under our belt, and what milestone is now worthy of a #blessed caption. But you see, this level of happiness cannot sustain itself. As soon as the attention wears off, and everybody has expressed how extremely happy/proud/kilig they are for you, you start slaving off to find something new. A new source of happiness. Something that has to surpass that. 

As creatives, we are not immune to this too. I'd be lying if I told you I haven't thought about me "being happy" if I get 10,000 followers, if my idols start noticing me, if big brands start reaching out to me, or if I can smugly say I'm an artist and I'm not starving like you think artists normally do. That's honestly sort of my false happiness meter with a dash of egoistic shit. Driven by these criteria on my false happiness meter, I started doing what was expected of me, what people assume I do and what my audience wants to see. 

Don't get me wrong: I'm not here to spread negativity. I'm speaking out to remind you to refocus, re-evaluate, and be true to yourself. Easier said than done, with all that social media pressure going on. It's way worse than the peer pressure we experienced in high school.  There is no wonder there are so many people getting depressed, because contentment, self-worth, and self-confidence are now greatly influenced by what we see others have and did.