My 5-Year Love: Custom Ribbons

About five years ago, it was my first day in my [last] full time job. I went to my assigned desk after lunch, following some first-day orientation from the Human Resources point person. My area looked something straight out of the gift wrapping section of the mall: gift wrappers and ribbons scattered all around. While the gift wrapping papers were printed with our company logo, the ribbons were specially customized for the company and our boss. There was blue, gold, green, red, white, and more blue. Talk about branding!

This started my love affair with ribbons. I've since wanted to make personalized ribbons for myself, customized for different occasions: generic ones, Christmas, birthday, etc. However, everytime I think about it, being the cheapskate that I am, I feel like even if I do end up making ribbons, I won't use them and just store them, and stare at it! LOL

It was no surprise that I wanted to design my own ribbons three years after, when I got into calligraphy. I thought of this again last year, but the thing with designing for myself is that I always get that feeling that I can do better with the current draft that I have... Eventually I'd finish nothing for myself because I didn't feel like it's the best that I can come up with. (Please tell me I'm not alone in this dilemma!?) Honestly, a few weeks ago, I was done with the vector version of the Merry Christmas ribbons when I stood up, paced around, and thought, "No, I'm gonna make a different one." I am probably my worst client. 

I came across the FINISHED, Not Perfect video right around that time. It gave me that push I needed, what a total life saver! (I am reposting it at the bottom of this post. Watch if you haven't; it's very inspiring.) SO...TADAAAA! I finally have ribbons!


To those residing in the Philippines, you can get your personalized Christmas ribbons this year, too! These are currently on pre-order basis, with full payment required to queue it for production. There are currently three options: 1) To get the From our family to yours ribbons, or 2) Personalize the text under Merry Christmas with 20 characters; or 3) take the Happy Holidays ribbons and add up to 40 characters of text. It's one of those things that just really takes your gift wrapping presentation up another notch. It's of course in Christmas colors, but there's black, too, for color-challenged people like myself! Click here to order.

Here's the Finished, Not Perfect video, as promised: