What to Write for Practice

As one practices calligraphy for hours on end, it's easy to run out of things to write. You may have started with song lyrics, have moved on to your favorite book quotes, and you're already past quoting, "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Let's see, what to write? 

Word of the Day

Word of the Day example from MerriamWebster.com. Dictionary.com also offers WOTD.

Word of the Day example from MerriamWebster.com. Dictionary.com also offers WOTD.

Not only do you learn a new word every time, it also helps you connect some more letters that normally you don't write side by side. Seriously, who's sick of writing "l-o-v-e" here? I've probably memorized that word that I know exactly how my freehand style looks like in it. How about w-h-i-l-o-m?

Random Movie Titles

Are you practicing  your majuscules? Write movie titles! For example, go to Amazon's Movie & TV section, choose a random category (Fantasy usually offers cooler titles) and start writing the movies that are first listed. Or go to IMDB.com, choose your favorite actor/actress and check out his list of films! Be creative, don't just write on a single line. Use the movie titles to practice visual composition.

Pen Pals

In case you haven't heard, calligraphers all over the world are bringing snail mail back. Make new friends, get their address and write a decent letter. This practices not only how you write paragraphs, but also envelopes! Join the world during the next incowrimo or International Correspondence Writing Month. 

Lorem Ipsum

I like writing the Lorem Ipsum text because I cannot understand it. And when you don't understand what you're writing, you tend to focus more on the strokes, ligatures and spacing. A Lorem Ipsum generator even gives you the option on how many paragraphs you wish to write! Here's one paragraph of 134 words: 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec volutpat non lectus eu tristique. Nullam lacinia id justo non laoreet. Morbi consequat nunc ut nunc efficitur placerat. Sed malesuada nisl tellus, id imperdiet justo consequat id. Etiam commodo euismod leo quis blandit. Nulla facilisis sodales ligula a posuere. Curabitur fermentum at tortor eget posuere. Ut pulvinar vel odio id auctor. Etiam scelerisque sollicitudin nisl, id dapibus nulla accumsan quis. Donec diam diam, gravida at dui vel, tristique tincidunt odio. Nam tortor leo, viverra ut urna sed, condimentum euismod turpis. Nulla faucibus quam eu ante viverra, non venenatis odio scelerisque. Fusce pharetra in lacus non eleifend. Curabitur consectetur dolor mauris, a pulvinar nisi placerat sed. Nunc iaculis velit in odio fringilla condimentum nec vitae velit. Etiam ornare nulla nec purus bibendum, a accumsan diam aliquam.

Your Page 58

This is my last resort. If I really am out of things to write, I pick out a number (usually I do #58), get a random book, and open it on page 58. Write the entire page. 

How about you, what do you normally write about?