Are you a designer?

I'm involved in a lot of calligraphy / lettering groups on Facebook, but recently, I needed to outsource and find myself a Creative Ninja to help me with my ideas. I thought, hey, the group should give me a lot of leads for this. However, while shortlisting applicants, I noticed that most of the applications I received came with photos of their drafts, or even practice pads. Granted that I was open to accepting newbies, I felt that it would be such a waste to have the talent but not be ready with a marketable version of you, when needed.

This led me to feel that we may need to have a specific group for designers and creatives who can market themselves and are geared towards being hired for projects. This would also be a group for the hobbyists to start learning how to create the ad-worthy version of themselves. 

So designers, and would-be designers please join, Merch Designers - Philippines on Facebook! This group is for the creatives who can adapt their art onto merchandise design, including but not limited to shirts, mugs, bags, etc. What should you expect in this group: 

  • Designers who are marketable, or willing to learn how to take the first few steps to designing professionally
  • Helpful links on creating your portfolio
  • (Hopefully) Crowdsourced topics to help adapt your art onto its digital merchandise-ready versions

I strongly discourage from joining: people who would like to be spoonfed. As this group should be joined by professionals and would-be professionals, we're expecting that questions and posts are of helpful nature to the group, and not ask questions easily answerable by Google. 

Hope to see you there!