Blessings by FAD

Call me dramatic, but I had tears in my eyes when I saw this final output. This is part of a collaboration with Blessings by FAD. It's surreal to see something you've submitted in black and white be printed--and with gold! I've never been much of a gold fan, but this exposure to everything calligraphy now makes me gasp when I see gold. *haha* Here's the full view of the bag:

The "Grace" Bag
The "Grace" Bag

I'm a bit picky with collabs that I do, mainly because I want for it to mean something to me, more than just a tie up that will help me market myself. Blessings by FAD is a project/business by France (in San Diego, CA) and Ami (in Manila), making bags with the aim to touch people's lives one bag at a time. With products designed to inspire, Blessings gives its customers the opportunity to pay it forward and share life's blessings. Every 6 months, the company partners with an organization or foundation and supports it by giving 5% of its profits. For our collab, the chosen organization is Open Doors, an organization that serves persecuted Christians in conflicted areas. What better way to use my amateur skills, right?

This is your invitation to help Open Doors, too. For purchases, you may get in touch directly with Blessings by FAD; ships worldwide, too!

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