Katia Naval

Katia Naval likes to write. With a pencil, on her iPad, and on her blogs. She's currently homeless, too, because she left her home in Kapitolyo (Pasig City) despite the abundance of food around her. Professionally, she is now concentrating on honing her merch design skills on print-on-demand sites. On a personal note, she is currently taking on the minimalist lifestyle, and is the co-author of a new blog called Two Minimalists


A former flight attendant, and has a bachelor's degree in tourism, she stayed in the travel industry until she discovered her love for letters. She has been accepting letter-related gigs and projects since 2014, and occasionally teaches in basic modern calligraphy workshops. 

worked with

Louis Vuitton | FILED! | Tomato | Shangri-la Plaza 


art & Design 

  • Envelope Calligraphy / Addressing
  • Invitation Design (service currently on hold)
  • Logo, Business Card or Blog Header design
  • T-shirts and Bag designs
  • Wall Murals
  • Wood / Cloth signages
  • Chalk Lettering

live events

  • Basic Modern Calligraphy Workshop (by invitation)
  • On-site Calligraphy & Lettering for Events

Pricing greatly depends on your requirements. Do send a detailed message to get a quote for the project you have in mind.